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24 Rafters to Go!

It’s a gorgeous day to be building. Hey, Carrie here with an update on my natural building project. The last beam was installed on Thursday – hurray! What an amazing feat. I am overflowing with gratitude for all of the help all of you have been and, especially for Craig. None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for him. i really appreciate him hanging in there for the past few years.

Now on to the roof!

My dream was, and still is for this to be a fun social project for all of my family and friends to partake and enjoy in the making of, and for years to come. My door is always open for you.

I’ll be around all day today and tomorrow (and for the next couple of weeks), dressing the rafters with hand planes in preparation for installation. There are 24 in total, plus 5 more to complete the special section for the roof transition.

There’s plenty of extra planing tools here if you might feel inclined to drop by to lend a hand. While you’re here partake in some music, food and beverages. I’m always foraging for wild mushrooms, berries and other seasonal culinary delights to munch on while overlooking the river.

If wood working isn’t your thing, I have a few hundred bottle-ends to make and they’re relatively fun and easy to do. I might even be convinced to go for a swim or a paddle on the lake with you.

Everyone is welcome. If you come unannounced, just walk in. Or call or text me to meet you at the gate. Don’t forget your swimsuit!

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