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A walk a day keeps the garbage at bay.


Up to a year ago, my retired cousin in Burlington, Ontario, spent much of her time volunteering at a seniors residence with her sister. Now she’s discovered another way of giving back to society as described in a letter to me the other day.

Things are good here, who knew I could get so much entertainment out of doing housework? Thanks to the cat I have to vacuum often. 

I’ve been having fun picking up stuff on my daily walks. So far – over 300 masks (who loses that many and HOW?), 25 booze bottles, 103 beer cans/bottles, 192 water bottles, 153 pop, iced tea and juice, 26 Red Bull and Monster energy drinks, 36 hats/gloves/socks/shoes, 13 lighters and vape cartridges, and 30 already bagged dog poop! 3 forks (how does someone lose a kitchen fork?), 9 hair nets, (hell on fledglings in bird nests), 1 brand new roll of Mactac (covered some boxes for in the bathroom cupboard), a $5.00 Tim Horton’s card and $2.75 in loose change found here and there along the way. Thank you Karma! This is only not quite 3 months into 2021! A good little hobby for me. 

My sister thinks it’s funny but it gives me a reason to get out and do something worthwhile. All the beer and booze bottles I picked up in 2020 brought me $60.00 with which I bought a bunch of my friends new tea towels.

Hats off to you Karen. Imagine how much good karma would be flying around if more of us were compelled to act as if every day was Earth Day!

2 thoughts on “A walk a day keeps the garbage at bay.”

  1. Wow! I’m glad Karen got rewarded for her efforts. Kudos!
    I just wonder how many kilometres one must walk to yield that much of a haul.

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