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Fun with WordPress

Welcome to
Reading by Moonlyte.

It took a while to figure out WordPress. It looks to be working so here goes.

Welcome to my site. I created this blog to post current events, local news and strange but often true things happening around the world and right here on the eastern shores of the Ottawa Valley.

My only goals, by means of sharing these stories, is to inspire you to stretch your imagination, tickle your curiosity and leave you feeling inspired.

Reading by Moonlyte is intended for sharing issues and stories of things that interest me: local, regenerative agriculture, ecologically sustainable food, fibre and essentials for a comfortable, but humble lifestyle. Things that promote the importance of resiliency and diversity of our urban, rural and wild landscapes, including ‘wetland protection and restoration’ or the importance of ‘decision making using our moral compass’.

I’ll post what we’re doing here like aiming for zero-waste, self-sufficiency through gardening and permaculture, herbal medicine; wild foraging, homesteading, recreation, music, arts, crafts, culture, humour and regular updates on our eco-building project, Balsamholz.

Let’s hear from you
I don’t proclaim to know anything but if you have a question, I’ll always be happy to point you to someone who does. If you like my news hub with a focus on how to leave the planet better than we found it, let me know. If you have any ideas or news to share, let me know that too. I’ll wrap up this, my first post, by saying thanks for checking it out and I hope to see here again soon.

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