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Wetlands Maples

Call of the Wetlands

This is a wooded wetland. Come springtime, it’s teaming with life. It also plays a key role in carbon sequestration, ranking it high in terms of needing protection from development. This is it’s story. 

Balsamwood In Progress


Balsam fir is everywhere and perfect for our needs.
A work in progress, this gallery walks through the stages of building our rustic 34 ft x 34 ft cordwood house with a loft and 20 ft x 12 ft screened porch.


Other Projects

Using what’s on hand, found or salvaged, with timber from areas where we need to thin or clear, or that’s fallen over in the wind, check out what we’ve done without spending a lot of money.


A photo gallery dedicated to the curiosities and spectacles encountered on our adventures along the Picanoc River, The Pontiac and the beautiful Ottawa Valley.

portfolio sample

Graphic Design

Three years of Graphic Art & Design at Sheridan College and an exciting career as a freelance designer and all I have to show for it are these lousy samples of some of my favourite projects.


This trip down memory lane looks at some non-gratis and corporate festivals and events I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with over the years, as a designer, co-ordinator and sometimes both.

When I was young, graphic artists were highly skilled technicians. Printing was usually one colour, black. The tools were Letraset, rubylith, pens and ink. Pay was cash or cheque. Clouds meant rain and carpal tunnel syndrome was never heard of.
Carrie Watson